Values of Protected Area

Value related to flora

  • Repository of Medicinal Plants of ethno botanical importance
  • Its habitat spectrum – especially a wide range of altitudinal zonation and consequent unique biodiversity
  • Only sanctuary in Kerala with a riparian gallery forests
  • Only sanctuary in Kerala with dry deciduous forests and sandal forests
  • Presence of Albizzia lathamii, a critically endangered tree species

Value related to fauna

  • Supports the only population of Grizzled Giant Squirrel in Kerala
  • Richness in avian and reptilian diversity
  • Presence of Star Tortoise, Marsh Crocodile, Yellow Throated Bulbul, Tufted Grey Langur

Values related to watershed

  • Prominent catchments of an East flowing river particularly, the immediate catchment of Amaravathi reservoir in Tamil Nadu

Geographical Values

  • Being the only link between Anamalai hills and the Kodaikkanal slopes the Sanctuary occupies a pivotal position in the eastern slope forests of the Western Ghats
  • Crucial for the longevity of the shola grassland ecosystem of Eravikulam National Park and southern portion of the Anamalai Tiger Reserve of Tamil Nadu

Archaeological and Anthropological Values

  • Only protected area in Kerala with Hill Pulaya tribal community.
  • Remnants of Megalithic Burial sites including Dolmens and cysts.

Aesthetic and Educational Values

  • Opportunities of human ecological studies
  • Eco – Tourism Potential
  • Potential for imparting Nature Education.